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In 1948, Dr. Irineu Marcellini started what would become an important industrial health complex: Hypofarma. We are a pharmaceutical industry specialized in the production and distribution of injectable medicines that help people's quality of life. There are more than 70 years of knowledge in the area offering the best we have: quality certified by ANVISA (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency), reliability in manufacturing and products that bring more health to those who need it.

Acting Area

In an industrial park of 17,000 m², installed in Ribeirão das Neves-MG, we produce several injectable drugs aimed at the hospital segment. Our commitment to research and innovation drives the development of innovative, generic and similar medicines. So that we can offer products that help improve people's health, we invest in new technologies, professional training and measures of ethical and socio-environmental responsibility.

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Quality assurance

Each stage of our production receives special attention to detail with a high level of demand. This includes the manufacturing, storage, packaging and distribution processes of injectable drugs.
The effectiveness of our work translates into reliable products, a safe working environment and the guarantee of more health for people.


Irineu Marcellini,

Industrial chemist, noticed the demand of hospitals in Minas Gerais for injectable drugs and the absence of pharmaceutical industries in the state


Inauguration of Hypofarma,

Which employed 20 employees and a portfolio of 3 products. The company was located in the city of Belo Horizonte, on Guajajaras street..


Second generation, João Marcellini

assumes the direction of the company after the death of his father, Irineu. The start of manufacturing plastic ampoules with manual closure allowed the portfolio expands to 15 products and the hiring of more than 70 people.


Group of employees Hypofarma

in the old unit on Itajubá street


Ampoule filling


New boiler


End of construction of the new factory,

in Ribeirão das Neves. The new factory was built entirely with its own resources and due to the larger area, the company started to manufacture more than 34 different products.


The city of Ribeirão das Neves,

names the street of Dr. Irineu Marcellini's company, in honor of the founder of Hypofarma.


Inauguration of the administrative building of the Industrial Unit.


First GMP certification.


Change of company logo in communication materials.


Hypofarma registers the state's first generic medicine.


The installation of ERP Senior Sapiens began

in order to integrate the factory and its areas.


The company adopted the current logo

with the intention of conveying fluidity, movement, dynamism and innovation to the market.


Third generation,

Giana e Gina Marcellini, take over the company after João's death.


Inauguration of a Corporate unit

in Belo Horizonte, where the Commercial, Financial and Controllership, Information Technology, Marketing and Legal areas are located.


Launch by the company of the first generic

Moxifloxacin hydrochloride injectable solution in the Brazilian market. Investment in your Quality Control laboratory.


Investment to expand its production capacity

by 50% through the purchase of machinery from Roche Pharmaceutical Industry, which had ended its activities in Rio de Janeiro.


Hypofarma entered Fundação Dom Cabral's PAEX

Program due to the need to professionalize the company.


Hiring of the Industrial Director, Vinicius Pereira, and the Administrative-Financial Director, Elaine Romani.


Change from Corporate Unit to Amadeus Business Tower.


Corporative identity


Offer reliable solutions that promote health and longevity to society.


To be recognized in the pharmaceutical segment as a reference organization for its products, processes and ethical conduct, supported by the care for our people and passion for innovation, always aiming to positively transform the society in which we live.



Social Commitment;
Health and Well-being;
Environmental Responsibility;
Sustainable Results.


Trusted solutions for health and well-being.

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